admin November 15, 2021

The three basic postulates that regulate sport fishing in Slovenia are the permitted capture of individual fish species, the protection period of fish and their minimum size. The content of these postulates was the starting point for regulations in Slovenian freshwater fisheries, and it still represents the core for fish protection today.

admin October 22, 2021

The new huchen fishing season is here. In this blog, we focused on the huchen diet. Here are the results of an interesting German study that reveals which species of fish and especially how large specimens of fish are caught by huchen. In its natural environment, that is, in the flowing waters of the Danube […]

admin September 20, 2021

In addition to the correct choice of fly fishing waders and boots, fly anglers often get stuck when choosing a fly rod. Fishermen put a lot on the opinions of sellers who flood the market with well-known brands. Apart from the resounding name, however, their fishing gear is not necessarily the most affordable, both in terms of quality and price.

admin August 18, 2021

If the nase is the queen of coarse anglers, the barbell is, in a metaphorical sense, at least the princess of the coarse angling. In Slovenia, this fish from the group of cyprinids is relatively common, it is found mainly in the middle sections of smaller and larger rivers. Summer is probably the best time for their fishing. We researched how and where to fish them most successfully.