admin June 26, 2019

In summer, when there is a general heat and the water levels are small, the fish are under a lot of stress. They only feed early in the morning and in the evening when it cools down and there are a little more insects at the water. How to start fly fishing in this beautiful but “difficult” period?

admin June 5, 2019

During the rain, the fish are feeding aggressively. Moderate rain contributes to the presence of more insects along the water, and more organic material is introduced into the water body. This encourages fish to start eating more actively.

admin May 14, 2019

Fishing on small streams does not necessarily mean catching small fish. On the contrary: small rivers provide plenty of surprises and pleasures for all kinds of fishermen. In this short blog, we focus on fly anglers. One of the better-guarded secrets of the most passionate fly anglers is small watercourses. These are the places to […]

admin March 5, 2019

On March 1st, fishing season is already taking place in some rivers in Slovenia. Fishermen are having fun with spinning and fly fishing, but joy can bring some bad for the rivers and other streams.

admin February 20, 2019

Hydroelectric power plants are considered to be rather unproblematic for the environment. Is that true? Long years of observations and research reveal that this is far from the case. Hydroelectric power plants have many harmful effects on watercourses and people living near them. Many of these at first glance are not noticeable, as they are fully expressed only with a great time lag.

admin February 1, 2019

It is always good to refresh fly fishing knowledge. We have prepared a selection of knots for you, without which you simply can not go out. Perhaps you already know them, but it might be useful to refresh your memory.

admin January 22, 2019

Not long ago, at one of the commercial ponds, we watched the children, and even more so their parents, how they were fishing trout and how they treated them after they were able to drag them to the bank. We were shocked!