admin July 15, 2020

Summer has finally started! Youngsters are on holiday and many of you will be on annual leave soon. Take time to fish in areas you already know, but also explore new destinations where good fishing and beautiful fish await you. What did we include in the selection for the summer of 2020 in our editorial office?

  1. Gravel pit Dobrovnik
  2. Gravel pit Gaberje Pasnik
  3. Gravel pit Gradbenik – nova
  4. Krka river
  1. Ljubljanica river
Trout, grayling
  1. Soča river
  2. Ribnica brook
  3. Vipava river
  4. Poljanska Sora river
  1. Sava river
  2. Vipava river, the lower section

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