admin February 1, 2019

It is always good to refresh fly fishing knowledge. We have prepared a selection of knots for you, without which you simply can not go out. Perhaps you already know them, but it might be useful to refresh your memory.

The whole fly line consists of a backing, a mainline, a leader and a tippet. We put a fly on the tippet, so the knots we use for this purpose are attaching knots, and all the others are for joining two lines together. Below are some useful knots. It will pay off to every fisherman if he knows them.

Knots for attaching

The blood knot – is extremely easy, lyes well and is of a medium-size. It’s used by many anglers.

Davy knot – medium strong knot, suitable for extremely small flies, especially dry flies and fine nymphs.

The Surgeon’s loop is an extremely useful solution for fastening the backing to the reel. It is simple and powerful. There is also a double and triple version for larger spools.

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