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Fly fishing for trout, grayling and other fish that love a temperate climate can be very challenging on hot days. We have prepared some tips that will definitely contribute to your fishing success even during these hard warm days.

When the water exceeds 22 degrees Celsius, the level of oxygen in the water and in the body of the fish drops so much that they usually stop eating. The above applies to flowing streams, in the lakes it is a little different. There, the water is “stratified”, different layers have different temperatures and flocks of fish are distributed accordingly. Due to the above, on hot days the fish are not where we are used to them, but retreat to more pleasant environments or areas.

We suggest anglers to go fishing only in the early morning and late in the evening on very hot days. It is also important to pay special attention to fish welfare during this period. We avoid catching undersized specimens, and we handle all caught fish with extreme caution. Due to the heat, they are subject to shock, so we try to keep them below the surface all the time. It is best to release them as soon as possible (of course, unless you decide to take it).

In the evening, when the atmosphere starts to cool down, the fish will be more active. The good news is that there is plenty of food during this time of a year, so the angler can choose from a number of baits (or artificial flies). This makes fishing very interesting, which is a great advantage.

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