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You have decided to start fly fishing. It’s a great sport, calm, elegant. You are choosing the equipment and start seeing that the offer is huge. Also in the segment of fly fishing waders. What should we pay attention to when buying these waders to make our purchase the best or most reasonable?

ATTENTION: if you fly fish less than 20 days a year, you can easily skip this blog. You can also go fishing barefoot, in slippers or waders that are of lower quality. However, if your passion does not give you peace and you are very active, we suggest that you think carefully before buying. The tips below might just help you out.

In our more than 20 years of fly fishing “career”, we have found that the most expensive is not necessarily the best. It’s also a good idea to check out some brands that may not be the most well-known before buying.
In general, problems with waders occur if they are sewn and if the material is poor, thin. Make sure the waders are made of seamless technology and there should be five layers of material! Also, be careful what your neoprene boot sock looks like. Therefore, when choosing fly boots, we must pay attention to the following:
1. Waders should be assembled using the technique of gluing fabric (without seams), and they should have as few joints as possible. The basic fabric of which the waders are made should breathable, it should consist of five layers (3-layer is incomparably worse than 5-layer), it should end high above the waist.
2. The neoprene sock should be made of thicker neoprene. Especially with cheaper models, we notice that the manufacturers give us a poor neoprene. We put on the sock at least twice during each fishing trip (when we put on our shoes and when we take them off), so their quality is extremely important if we do not want to have wet and cold feet.
3. The seller / manufacturer of fly fishing waders should offer at least 1 year warranty, some also offer 2 years, which is of course better. Before buying, we must find out what the warranty contains and how to use it.

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