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Summer is a time for fishing for many species, dominated by cyprinids. The palette of techniques for their fishing is reigned by coarse fishing. In addition to fishing with or without a float, anglers also go fishing with a water ball, and there is another interesting form of river whiting that is popular in England. Fishermen there call it trotting.

If athletics is the queen of sport, coarse fishing is the royal form of sport fishing (if we omit salmon fishing). This method of sport fishing is extremely diverse, interesting and offers many opportunities for catching and personal growth of the fisherman.

Coarse fishing can be done with a regular fishing rod and a conventional (stationary) fishing reel. We can stand on the bank, boat, move or sit while fishing. It often turns out that we have to drop the bait right in front of the fish mouth, and this is easiest to be done by throwing it in the water and letting it carry the stream. Downstream fishing is extremely popular with anglers who do coarse fishing, as it is very successful. The English call it trotting, using somewhat adapted fishing gear.

For trotting, we use a long coarse fishing rod, a special wheel (called centerpin) and a float, which is then dropped with bait downstream to where the fish are. We can stand on the bank, but if we have the opportunity to wade into the water, fishing may be even more interesting.

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