admin August 20, 2020

“Ultra-light” fishing (UL) has been very popular among young fishermen for several years, i.e. ultra light spinning. The method is suitable for fishing in freshwater and at sea but allows us to catch more fish in a shorter period of time than with other fishing methods. It’s coinage, in reality, meaning that we fish with […]

admin July 30, 2020

You know this: you go out, you are confident of success because you have prepared well before. Even beginners are hoping for a catch, counting at least on beginner luck. But it happens that the fish aren’t biting! No matter how hard you try, you change the baits, the positions – the fish do not want to cooperate. Why?

admin July 15, 2020

Summer has finally started! Youngsters are on holiday and many of you will be on annual leave soon. Take time to fish in areas you already know, but also explore new destinations where good fishing and beautiful fish await you. What did we include in the selection for the summer of 2020 in our editorial office?

admin June 30, 2020

In summer, these predators are very active, and their fishing is not the easiest (at least not in normal water conditions) due to the abundance of food and some other circumstances. With the appearance of aquatic and riparian vegetation, it is extremely interesting to catch pike on or near the surface. With which lures do we prefer to fish them on or near the surface?