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In summer, these predators are very active, and their fishing is not the easiest (at least not in normal water conditions) due to the abundance of food and some other circumstances. With the appearance of aquatic and riparian vegetation, it is extremely interesting to catch pike on or near the surface. With which lures do we prefer to fish them on or near the surface?

For fishing on the surface or in overgrown waters, rods or equipment with a slightly heavier action will come in handy. Not only do we deal with rescuing lure and fish from abundant aquatic vegetation (where a large pike likes to go), but with such equipment, landing the fish will also be much more efficient. UL equipment is very popular among anglers, not without reason, as fishing with it is really a pleasure. But for overgrown waters, we prefer to use heavier rods, which has already been mentioned by many well-known and world-renowned authors of pike fishing.

Where to fish?

Overgrown waters will divide fishermen into two camps: some hate them and are there absolutely lost with the wrong equipment, others adore them and record excellent results in the “jungle”. Pike also likes to hide in underwater shelters, near submerged trees, hives, and so on. They even prefer large areas of water grass. Why? Because there is a lot of food there and because they can rest there.


The first rule is to hide all the hooks to avoid disturbing hooking for twigs, plants, and leaves. When we succeed to do so, there is a wide variety of different lures, from those which mimic frogs, ducks, even snakes, and poppers and versatile shads. The former type of lure is in principle intended only for fishing directly on the surface, while shads for fishing below it. If we hide the hook really well and the lure is light, we can also successfully fish those areas of the district completely covered with vegetation.

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