admin February 14, 2022

The landing net is already a mandatory part of fishing equipment for some fishermen, despite the fact that certain fishing regulations may not require it. For some fishermen, the net is still a burden and bothers them when fishing, despite some proven positive aspects it brings. Let’s see what they are.

A landing net is a piece of fishing equipment about which opinions are divided among anglers, at least where it is not commanded. If it is not listed as mandatory equipment, should you use it or not?

What is a landing net?

With a net we understand fishing gear; on a ring with a handle, a taut net with which we catch the caught fish while they are still in the water.

We know different types of landing nets. We then separate them according to the size and shape of the ring, some are fixed with a round ring, others can be folded – these usually have a triangular ring. The handle can be fixed or foldable (often telescopic). Also, the nets differ depending on the material the mesh is made of. The most common are nets made of fabric or nylon, lately rubber nets are popular. These are also the most suitable for fish, as they do not damage tissues and mucus when used properly. The least suitable are probably nylon nets with thick knots, which can penetrate the fish into the tissue and cause it unnecessary damage.

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