admin April 14, 2022

One of the most common ways to determine the age of freshwater fish is to study their scales. There are two reasons for this: taking scales is relatively harmless for live fish, and we can also easily determine its age on the basis of the years or annulus of the scale. How can we assess the age of the fish ourselves?

admin March 31, 2022

You have decided to start fly fishing. It’s a great sport, calm, elegant. You are choosing the equipment and start seeing that the offer is huge. Also in the segment of fly fishing waders. What should we pay attention to when buying these waders to make our purchase the best or most reasonable?

admin March 1, 2022

March is here. It will still be very cold. The waters are clear, cold, the surroundings brown and dry, the buds barely sprouting even in the sunniest parts. But the trout have already spawned and are inviting fly fishermen to catch them. Which flies do we use the earliest in the spring? We made a selection of 5 samples, which should not be missed in the fly box of any fly angler.

admin February 14, 2022

The landing net is already a mandatory part of fishing equipment for some fishermen, despite the fact that certain fishing regulations may not require it. For some fishermen, the net is still a burden and bothers them when fishing, despite some proven positive aspects it brings. Let’s see what they are.