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March is here. It will still be very cold. The waters are clear, cold, the surroundings brown and dry, the buds barely sprouting even in the sunniest parts. But the trout have already spawned and are inviting fly fishermen to catch them. Which flies do we use the earliest in the spring? We made a selection of 5 samples, which should not be missed in the fly box of any fly angler.

This March will be relatively dry again. Water levels are low and air temperatures are far from warm. So it is at the beginning of each year. But nature is slowly waking up. For good fishing during this time, in addition to patience, we will also need some proven artificial flies. Here are a couple of flies that work great. With them, you will definitely be successful in fishing for rainbow trout and brown trout.

Pheasant tail

This classic artificial fly by legendary author Frank Sawyer has conquered the world with its simplicity and efficiency. Use it wherever the fish are picky, taking food below the surface and when the water level is below average. There are many varieties of this fly; we can make weighted, light, with a shiny or black head… With it we will be successful in trout fishing, and later in the year also in grayling fishing.

Wooly bugger

There’s probably no fly angler who doesn’t have this streamer in his fly box. The wooly bugger is a soft and just the right size streamer that will irritate trout as well as other fish (in season!). In March, the wooly bugger is more than up to the task of fishing for large rainbow and brown trout. You can also tie it in a weighted form, with it you will reach deeper areas, under the rocks and roots, where the big wild brown trout that we all want lie. A lighter version of this streamer is used for fishing at low water levels.

Muddler minnow

If a wooly bugger is a classic, then muddler minnow is immortal. It is a fly that has American roots, but it also works well in other districts. This fly has the shape of a bullhead, but it imitates everything that is good and moves. Trout love it, so muddler minnow is an irreplaceable artificial fly that you must have in your fly box. Just like a wooly bugger, tie it in different lengths and weights. Muddler minnow will save you from fishing troubles on even the most difficult day, you just have to fish with it properly.

Another two great examples are march brown and a San Juan worm.

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