admin May 8, 2017

Slovenia is one of the countries of middle Europe that is very rich in fishing waters due to the fact it is intersected by big or small rivers and lakes, some of which are still unspoilt. The majority of these waters is owned by state and the state entrusts the management of the fish life in these waters to fishing families and they all do it wisely. Fly fishing in Slovenia has a tradition over 100 years old, but lately we notice an increase in fishing for carps Catch and Release style. If you decide to fly fish for marble trout or huchen in Slovenia, it may turn out to be an unforgettable experience.

Some interesting facts about fishing in Slovenia:

  • The heaviest carp was caught and released in 2013, on the lake Šmartinsko jezero; it weighed 34,6 kg.
  • The biggest marble trout was caught in the river Soča, it was 120 cm long and weighed 22,5 kg.
  • The largest huchen was caught in the river Sava, it was 135 cm long and weighed 26,9 kg.