admin March 19, 2019

Not that we would not be also in autumn, winter or summer. But in the spring there is a lot of fishermen in the water, so we need to make sure that our presence does not interfere with the fish spawning and other natural processes at this time. What is a careful fisherman watching over during this fishing season?

In early spring grayling, huchen, pike, zander and some white fish, for example, Danube roach and nase spawn. Let’s try not to fish for them during this time.

Fish are first grouped into smaller groups where the female is pursued by one or more males. The salmonid spawning happens over the sand, where a strong water stream with an abundance of oxygen flows over. There they dug small holes into the sand into which the fertilized eggs are deposited. In order for these eggs to evolve into fish, we need to be careful, where we wade. Spawning spots can be seen from afar, but not necessarily. Therefore, it is best to avoid any wading if this is not strictly necessary.

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