admin May 14, 2019

Fishing on small streams does not necessarily mean catching small fish. On the contrary: small rivers provide plenty of surprises and pleasures for all kinds of fishermen. In this short blog, we focus on fly anglers.

One of the better-guarded secrets of the most passionate fly anglers is small watercourses. These are the places to which they are withdrawn when they need a couple of hours just for themselves, where they want to catch a wild fish or test an artificial fly that they have just tied up.

Wild streams will delight us with many benefits that are not necessarily related to catch. Small brooks give us a sense of familiarity, they are boutique and quieter. What are the biggest advantages of fishing in small and lesser known rivers? We believe that:

  • wild fish
  • less crowded districts
  • the lower price of a fishing licence
  • breaking new ground

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