admin February 20, 2019

Hydroelectric power plants are considered to be rather unproblematic for the environment. Is that true? Long years of observations and research reveal that this is far from the case. Hydroelectric power plants have many harmful effects on watercourses and people living near them. Many of these at first glance are not noticeable, as they are fully expressed only with a great time lag.

admin February 1, 2019

It is always good to refresh fly fishing knowledge. We have prepared a selection of knots for you, without which you simply can not go out. Perhaps you already know them, but it might be useful to refresh your memory.

admin January 22, 2019

Not long ago, at one of the commercial ponds, we watched the children, and even more so their parents, how they were fishing trout and how they treated them after they were able to drag them to the bank. We were shocked!

admin December 6, 2018

Fishermen in recent years are thinking of a dilemma about which hooks to use during the hunting of pike, zander, huchen, catfish and other predatory freshwater fish. In the first place, fishermen are interested in fishing performance, compliance with regulations, and also focus on minimizing damage to fish.

admin November 5, 2018

Slovenia is a very interesting country for sports fishing. In a small territory smaller than Switzerland, there are over 300 districts for spinning, carp fishing and fly fishing. The latter is very popular among locals and tourists as well.

admin August 31, 2018

Are you dreaming of a carp bait that is done in a matter of minutes and costs only a few cents? The bait for a carp, which can be immediately adapted to changed fishing conditions, can be bigger or smaller, heavier or softer? About a bait that is soft and small but still hides a hook that easily penetrates the carp’s mouth?

admin February 20, 2018

Have you ever heard that raisins can be used for fishing? If not, I must confess that I didn’t know it as well. But years ago, in one of my many fishing days, I encountered an older fisherman who used it as a bait as well as for feeding.