admin August 18, 2021

If the nase is the queen of coarse anglers, the barbell is, in a metaphorical sense, at least the princess of the coarse angling. In Slovenia, this fish from the group of cyprinids is relatively common, it is found mainly in the middle sections of smaller and larger rivers. Summer is probably the best time for their fishing. We researched how and where to fish them most successfully.

admin July 21, 2021

According to some estimates, there will be no more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans and seas by 2050. Already today, there are entire continents of plastic particles in the oceans, which together are estimated to weigh an incredible 150 million tons. In addition to larger pieces of plastic visible to the eye, microplastics […]

admin May 30, 2021

Fly fishing for trout, grayling and other fish that love a temperate climate can be very challenging on hot days. We have prepared some tips that will definitely contribute to your fishing success even during these hard warm days. When the water exceeds 22 degrees Celsius, the level of oxygen in the water and in […]

admin January 19, 2021

One of the more reliable visual methods for determining sex, especially in trout of larger dimensions, is to study the shape of the lower jaw. Females have a shorter and rounded upper jaw, in males the muzzle (snout) is more elongated. Perhaps the most characteristic difference is in the lower jaw. Males have a long […]