admin August 20, 2020

“Ultra-light” fishing (UL) has been very popular among young fishermen for several years, i.e. ultra light spinning. The method is suitable for fishing in freshwater and at sea but allows us to catch more fish in a shorter period of time than with other fishing methods.

It’s coinage, in reality, meaning that we fish with lighter gear. The rod, the reel, and consequently the line and the lure are smaller, all with the desire to catch more fish than usual. With UL, we can successfully catch trout, pike, zander, chub, nase, barbel, and many other species of freshwater fish, the range is also very diverse in the sea.

UL rods are great for comfortably casting even the smallest and lightest lures. They are parabolic in actions, meaning they work along the entire length of the rod, from the tip to the end of the handle. This property allows the angler to cushion the shocks of heavier fish despite the generally light equipment and thinner line.

Fishing with UL equipment is easy, fun, soft, and offers the fisherman excellent contact with lure and fish. You can feel every twitch on the tip of the rod and in the wrist. The take can be felt, thanks to the braid, immediately, even at slightly longer distances.

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