admin August 11, 2017

Dry fly or nymph fishing for summer grayling is a special fun in Slovenia. These freshwater game fish species are very interesting for both dry and nymphs fishing. Grayling population is especially good in various smaller and larger chalk streams of central and southern Slovenia but one of the best at the moment is probably Ljubljanica river.

For grayling fishing there, we strongly recommend 9 feet rods from #3 to #5 action, mono tippet of small diameter, say 0,10 mm, minute flies (especially F-fly or CDC in general on barbless hooks #24, various small olive, brown and black nymphs with no shiny bead heads).

First stretches of the Ljubljanica river are shallow and one can easily wade through. Lower stretches are up to 5 m deep and grayling fishing is more similar to still water trout fishing. But still fun!

Want to fish at Ljubljanica river? You only need a licence! Buy it HERE. Tight lines!

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