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Tench is a fairly rare but highly valued freshwater fish. He resides in stagnant and slowly flowing waters, he likes overgrown areas full of aquatic vegetation. He lives and feeds there and also hides from predators, especially catfish. Where else will we be able to catch it in and how to target this beautiful fish?

Because it is rare, he is interesting. We will write about its rarity or its causes in a special blog. This red-eyed beauty rarely weighs more than 2 or 3 pounds, but it gives us extremely exciting fishing.


Tench likes stagnant or slow-flowing waters that have an abundance of underwater vegetation. We fish it on clearings but prefer as close as possible to puddles and other aquatic vegetation. He finds shelter and food there. Sometimes curiosity drives him out of his shelter, especially in the morning we see him drifting from the depths to the banks, where he observes the world “out there” or just searches for snails, earthworms and other delicious snacks.

Fishing with float

When fishing with a float, the secret is to use as lighter fishing gear as possible. We minimize the line (and of course maximize risk when catching a carp or other large fish), use a hook 12 or 14, and remove the lead weight as far away from the hook as possible. Adjust the float visibility (antenna colour) and keep the weight as low as possible. Anything from 0.5 to 4 g will be fine.

Ground fishing

The feeder mode will be used to catch larger tench using either a conventional feeder or a method feeder. We can put the bait on the hair and use the same kind of hook link as for carp fishing, just adjust its size slightly (shorten it) and use a smaller hook like size 10.

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