admin June 15, 2020

In addition to high waders, which are useful but often very awkward to wear, some alternative solutions are very convenient for the sport fisherman. If you are interested in which ones, read on.

If you fly fishing, you will be well acquainted with this situation: it is summer, the heat is pressing, I would like to go fishing. You head out for water, get your gear ready, the fish feed nicely, and you get dressed in long waders. You are still diligently tying your shoes, then paying attention to the water so that you don’t get stuck on a thorn or rub your expensive waders against the concrete. Yes, the situation is well known to many of you! Myself, too. In recent years, I have been lazy and dressing, and especially undressing these waders, is a true pain in the ass. What do I have left, are there any alternatives?

Yes, there are!

  1. Waist waders ✅
  2. Rubber boots ✅
  3. Free fishing, no waders required 😊: with a lot of humor, such fishing is pure enjoyment, but only if the water is not too cold. In summer, we can only put on slippers and dive into the water to the waist or even deeper, as much as we want. Fishing “extremists” will grab the fly with their teeth and swim to the other side of the river or to the island, thus merging even more with the fishing surroundings. The fish will not resent us for not wearing the latest or most expensive waders; in extreme heat, such fishing is even most appropriate of all.

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